Germany Team

Dr Luis Manuel Hernandez Aguilar is a freelance researcher working on the project reports related to Germany. He completed his Ph.D in Sociology at the Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and his undergraduate studies at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences campus México (FLACSO México), and the Metropolitan Autonomous University in México City. Luis M. Hernandez research focuses on race and racism, Islamophobia, theories of the state, postcolonial theory, and discourse analysis. His most recent publications are: (2017) ‘Suffering’ Rights And Incorporation. The German Islam Conference and the Integration of Muslims as a Discursive Means of their Racialization SPECIAL ISSUE ON RELIGION. European Societies, and (2016) The Imam of the Future. On Racism and the German Islam Conference. Islamophobia Studies Yearbook, 7, 66–85.